Rose Coffee Break (Coffee Break) - a description of the bush variety

Rose Coffee Break is an amazing and fragrant variety that is distinguished by good endurance and immunity to pests. The plant is used in landscaping for landscaping suburban areas. Below is a detailed description of the variety with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Rose Coffee Break (coffee break) - what kind of variety

Tea Rose Coffee Break is a variety that was bred in 2008 by German breeders. The creation of the hybrid took place in the nursery "Tantau", which is known as one of the best flower gardens in the world. The novelty was obtained by crossing two varieties: Tresor 2000 and Leonidas.

Rose Coffee Break

Short description

Rose Coffee Break is a hybrid tea variety belonging to cut crops. The flowers of the plant are velvet buds of saturated red, brown and pink shades. Inflorescences are cup-shaped. When blooming, they are distinguished by multi-layer petals and a large volume. Each bud contains up to 30 petals. Coffee Break has no pronounced odor. On the contrary, it thins a subtle delicate aroma.

Important! The plant itself is presented in the form of a shrub that reaches a height of 1 m. It grows in width to 70 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Coffee Break has its pros and cons. The benefits include:

  • beautiful appearance, which allows you to decorate summer cottages;
  • frost resistance. Plants can withstand up to −35 ° C;
  • good immunity to pests and seasonal diseases.

Of the minuses, the need for periodic top dressing with mineral and organic fertilizers is highlighted. In northern regions with a harsh climate, preparation for winter and sheltering roses will be required.

Use in landscape design

Coffee Break - these are undersized shrubs used to improve the area.

Important! Plants are planted in a row to create a spectacular design or diluted with other varieties of roses and fruit bushes.

Flower growing

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A coffee rose will give beautiful inflorescences in those cases if the place for planting was correctly selected, the necessary preventive procedures were carried out and timely watering was performed. Below are the main recommendations for planting and caring for the bushes.

Planting a plant

The plant is best planted with seedlings previously soaked in a special solution that accelerates growth. You can buy the product in any gardening store. Before planting, it is worthwhile to carefully inspect the seedling from all sides, to remove dried and rotten areas. This principle will help accelerate growth and increase the growing season.

The optimal time for landing is April and May. It was during this period that the soil was warmed up to the maximum, which is considered an ideal growth condition for Coffee Break. The process is best carried out on a sunny day when there is no rainfall. You need to plant flowers in the morning.

Note! Despite the fact that the rose loves sunny weather, it is not worth planting at lunchtime, when the daytime temperature reaches its maximum.

Seat selection

The main condition for the productive growth of plant crops is good natural lighting. It is worth considering that Coffee Break does not tolerate the wind. Therefore, it is better to prepare a place where strong gusts of wind do not penetrate. An acceptable option is to plant flowers near tall trees and some kind of fence. In the chosen place roses were not supposed to bloom in the last three years. It is better to plant Coffee Break after fruit or vegetable crops.

How to prepare the soil and flower for planting

Before the procedure, it is worth taking time to till the soil and seedlings. Plants should be soaked in a preventive solution, and the soil should be fertilized and thoroughly watered. For feeding, it is better to use compost. Sand should be placed at the bottom of the planting hole. Before each hole, up to 1.5 liters of water should be poured into each hole.

Important! The optimal distance between the holes is about 50 cm. The depth of the dug hole should not exceed 60 cm.

Landing procedure step by step

Planting a rose is as follows:

  1. Dig small holes, feed the soil with organic fertilizer.
  2. Put a layer of sand on the bottom.
  3. Pour out a small amount of water.
  4. Plant a seedling, gently holding it with your hand, fill the hole with soil. It is necessary to make sure that the vaccination site is deepened by 2-3 cm.
  5. Loosen the soil, pour out the remaining water.

Planting a Coffee Rose in the Wells

Note! If during the planting period there is bad weather with a large amount of rainfall, it is worthwhile to cover the plants for the first time until they take root in the soil.

Plant care

After planting, due attention should be paid to flower care. Further productive growth and plant immunity depend on it.

Watering rules and humidity

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The plant needs regular spillage during the growing season and after planting. At this time, you need to irrigate the roses with warm, settled water every other day. Before the procedure, it is worth thoroughly loosening the soil so that moisture better flows to the root system. In the autumn period (September and October) it is necessary to gradually reduce the amount of water used. For this, watering should be carried out 1 time in 2 weeks. The day after the procedure, it is recommended to loosen the soil.

Top dressing and soil quality

Tea rose Coffee Break needs active fertilizer during the growing season. Top dressing should be applied every week in plentiful amounts. The first preventive procedures should begin in late March and early April. To do this, use mineral fertilizers, which are distributed on the tree’s near-stem circle in dry form, and then everything is poured with water.

The last feeding is carried out in August-September. Organic fertilizers are used for them: manure, compost. During the cold weather, fertilizer does not need to be applied, the plant needs temporary rest.

Pruning and transplanting

Coffee Break is a sprawling plant, so it needs periodic pruning. It is needed for healthy and productive growth. Branches are pruned in early spring before flowering, as well as in autumn before wintering. During the procedure, you need to carefully inspect the bush and remove dried and damaged branches.

Important! A transplant is needed if the rose was planted in open ground in a region with a harsh climate. To do this, the seedling is transplanted into a greenhouse or a large pot and left until spring in a room with good ventilation.

Features of wintering a flower

Coffee Break is a frost-resistant variety. It tolerates drought, a large amount of rainfall. In temperate regions, the rose does not need shelter in the winter. Enough prophylactic pruning of damaged areas and processing branches with special solutions that prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Wintering plants

Flowering roses

After planting, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the intricacies of its flowering.

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The vegetation period of the plant falls in the summer. The beginning of flowering occurs in late April - early May. It ends in mid-September. The total period of activity may vary depending on the area where the crop is planted.

Care during and after flowering

During the period of active flowering, the Coffee Break rose does not need active fertilizer and watering. In spring and summer, organic fertilizers should be applied periodically (up to 1 time in 2 weeks), sprayed with medicinal solutions when pests appear and water the flower 2 times a week.

Important! During the rest period, it is recommended to carry out preventive pruning and top dressing with potash fertilizers.

What to do if it does not bloom

Lack of color is a sign of a lack of vitamins and minerals. If you find a problem, you should carefully inspect the bush for damage. If there are none, it is worth feeding the soil with mineral fertilizers, and the next day, carry out abundant watering of shrubs.

Flower propagation

To propagate a rose, you should know about the rules of the procedure.

The best time for flower propagation is the end of October and the beginning of November. After shedding dried buds, it is necessary to carry out preventive pruning of damaged branches.

The best option for breeding Coffee Break - cuttings. To do this, in late autumn, you need to cut off large shoots from the main bush, soak them in a preventive solution and send them in a bag with soil.

Important! Workpieces are best stored in a basement or cellar. Periodically, they need to be checked and fertilized with aloe juice. In early spring, overgrown seedlings are planted according to the standard scheme.

Diseases, pests and ways to combat them

Coffee Break is sufficiently resistant to many diseases. However, with improper care, pests and some pathologies can appear on branches and stems. To eliminate the problem, you need to trim the problem areas and add organic fertilizers to the soil. With severe damage from the disease, fungicides will help, and insect parasites from insects - insecticides.

Spraying flower


Rose Black Coffee is a beautiful and unpretentious plant that is used to decorate the territory. For proper growth and flowering, you need to follow the recommendations of gardeners, and then no parasites and diseases will touch the bushes.