Fallen and rotten apples (carrion) as a fertilizer

Fruits that have fallen from a tree, including an apple tree (carrion), are not suitable for further storage, due to the defeat of their diseases, pests and skin damage when dropped. But this does not mean that they are not suitable for use.

Examples of using

There are many options where to apply scavenger:

  • cooking compote, jam, cider, vinegar;
  • obtaining dried fruits;
  • use as fertilizer.

Apple Fertilizer Fertilizer

Fallen apples are a good organic fertilizer. The presence of a large number of microelements in them will ennoble the soil and as a result will increase productivity. There are three ways to use carrion as a top dressing for other crops:

  • direct laying in the ground;
  • use as one of the components of compost:
  • receiving liquid top dressing.

Direct top dressing

This application should be very careful. Only apples that are not affected by disease are suitable for this method:

  • In the aisle, make small grooves.
  • Grind apples with a shovel or ax.
  • Put them in the grooves, you can add mulch, rotted grass, leaves.
  • Mix with soil, bury.


Fruits are an excellent filler for organic fertilizer. The carrion itself not only quickly decomposes, enriching the compost, but also accelerates its maturation.

To get the right fertilizer, you need to observe a number of rules:

  • Take a plastic container, a wooden box, or just dig a hole.
  • Lay out the bottom with straw, twigs.
  • Select apples without a trace of disease, chop.
  • Put them mixed with grass, leaves, tops, alternating: a layer of earth - 10 cm, then a mixture - 50 cm.
  • Cover the resulting compost with a film.
  • To stir and water periodically.
  • Make sure that there is no unpleasant smell of ammonia. If this stench appears, add leftover paper and cardboard.

Acceleration of maturation can be achieved by the following means: Radiance, Unique-C.

Ready-made organic fertilizer can be obtained after three months (it should have the smell of forest land, be dark, moist and crumbly).

Liquid top dressing

Components (crushed carrion, rotted foliage, tops, chicken droppings, ash, urea) are placed in the sun in a container, filled with water.

After half a month, when bubbles appear, the resulting liquid substrate is used as a liquid fertilizer for plants. One part of the obtained top dressing is diluted with 10 parts of water.

For which crops is apple fertilization favorable?

This fertilizer has a positive effect on the harvest of strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, blackberries. On the ground, where apples mixed up with chicken droppings, urea, ash and humus, were planted in the fall, it is good to plant vegetables in the spring: cucumber, tomato, pumpkin, zucchini.

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