How I planted leek in the Tver region

For some reason, leek is not popular for growing in the middle lane. I think this is wrong. It is not only healthy, tasty and gives piquancy to any dish, but also high-yielding. You just need to know which variety to grow and how.

I prefer the Karantansky variety (he even wintered in my garden, accidentally stayed), but sometimes for a change I buy the Winner (it grows thicker, but is stored worse). They also recommend the Russian size, but I did not come across the seeds.

This year, I also decided to try the Bandit variety, I'll see how it manifests itself. Seed germination is worse than that of Karantansky, but better than that of the Winner. Variety Bandit from Mr. Summer Resident

So, in early March, I acquired seeds, planted each variety in one container. Since I have a lot of diverse seedlings and windows are not enough. Seedlings of the variety Karantansky from Mr. Summer resident

Of course, it is better to plant in separate containers, so as not to dive later and get thicker seedlings.
I watered and fed twice with universal fertilizer for seedlings.

May 10 - the best May day for planting, I decided to plant a leek in the ground. On a bed that was prepared in the fall and dug up with humus and ash, it made deep grooves. They planted seedlings in them. The technology of planting leeks from Mr. summer resident

Be sure to make the grooves so that the tip of the green seedlings is lower or level with the upper layer of the furrow. When everything was planted, it shed neatly, but well.

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