The 6 easiest vegetables to grow

Beginners and experienced gardeners often wonder what culture to plant on their land. In this case, plantings should be unpretentious, get along well with their neighbors and positively affect the state of the soil.


This plant belongs to the photophilous and undemanding to the state of the earth or caring species. If you plant beets in the shade, then the harvest will delight only with thick tops, but you can’t get the right color and taste of the root crop.

Planting of seeds is carried out in May. This representative of the plant world is perfectly "friendly" with other plantings on the bed, but requires a certain moisture content of the earth, which may not be "like" to its neighbors. The beet root crop takes a huge amount of nitrates from the soil, so it is not recommended to plant it next to the garden where chemical fertilizers were applied. The most favorable "neighbors" for this culture will be:

  • radish;
  • lettuce;
  • spinach;
  • broccoli;
  • parsley;
  • root celery;
  • carrot;
  • Brussels sprouts;
  • asparagus.


The unpretentious representative of the legume family will be an excellent "neighbor" for many plants. So that the peas do not die from too low temperatures, it is recommended to plant it in open ground in May. Light frosts, which may be this month, will not be able to harm this culture.

Although peas are among the unpretentious representatives of the plant world, it feels best in loamy or sandy soils. A representative of the legume family perfectly coexists with almost all types of plantings. Caring for it does not require specific skills or efforts.

Black Eyed Peas

This crop can be grown with great success in open or protected ground. Many gardeners begin planting at the beginning of summer, and in July it will already be possible to harvest the first crop. Fruits asparagus beans almost until the end of September. There are usually many fruits. They delight with excellent taste.

The plant is considered unpretentious, since it feels great along the fence or in joint plantings. Planting asparagus beans is very beneficial for the soil. It helps other plants grow and develop, saturating the earth with beneficial nitrogen and nodule bacteria. Temperature differences can adversely affect the development of asparagus beans, but in other aspects - this undemanding, heat-loving plant will please with a plentiful harvest.


A useful, dietary product used to prepare a variety of dishes and winter preparations, it is quite easy to grow in any garden.

Planted in May in open ground. A month after the beginning of flowering, zucchini will delight gardeners with their fruits. With one whip they get a fairly large crop.

Kohlrabi cabbage

Kohlrabi cabbage is planted in the ground at the very beginning of summer. It is easy to grow, because such a culture is unpretentious to the growing conditions, and also pleases gardeners with a large harvest.

Kohlrabi is a heat-loving plant, so it is better to plant it in unshaded places protected from the winds. This representative of the plant world is completely unpretentious to the soil, but it best of all emerges on the lungs enriched with humus and low acidity of the earth.

Green onions

You can grow green onions in the open ground or even on your windowsill. Onion seeds are placed in the soil in May. All summer this unpretentious culture will delight the gardener with a crop. Fragrant green onions are healthy and easy to grow.